We have been working with GIM in our private practice for many years and know first hand the healing benefits of this gentle yet powerful approach. It creates space for people to identify more clearly who they really are; what they really want; and what they really need to change in order to feel more whole and happy. In this way GIM offers an additional resource to the theories and modalities we already have as the foundation in our practices. The people we have trained are amazed at how experiencing the process for themselves in the training allows them to feel more energized and creative in their work with others. 

This holistic healing modality utilizes music to evoke a variety of images, body awareness, emotions, memories, and creative insights that can help a person move through difficult issues, and reflect more deeply on their life’s journey. This profound access to the psyche enables one to connect more deeply with their inner self, including entering deeper states of consciousness such as archetypal and transpersonal states. This allows for an expanded sense of self-awareness, healing, transformation, spiritual growth and a greater integration of body, mind and spirit. Our trainings are highly experiential with supervised practice dyads as you learn how to partner with music as your co-therapist. 

Two essential components of this method are integral to how this works in such a profound way:

  • The engaged awareness and skill of therapeutic presence of someone trained in interactive guiding skills which enables the client to feel supported in the process and helps them integrate what arose in the session.  

  • The well-researched effect that music has on the brain, on consciousness, senses, and memory. Music stimulates imagery that can be visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and/or intuitive. This imagery often reflects one’s own story and experience, and can also be more archetypal, connecting with larger stories such as the hero’s journey, or even collective such as connection with unity consciousness or the divine. 

What you will learn:

The 4-day introductory training is 36 hours in length and contact hours and CEU’s are available. 

  • Learn how to integrate expressive arts and experiential mind-body therapies into your practice

  • Experience the healing benefits of music as your co-therapist as you work with individuals and groups

  • Learn interactive guiding skills to deepen the client’s experience with imagery, evoking insights, emotions, and body awareness

  • Use mandalas as a mirror of the soul, tapping into symbols and color of the unfolding self

  • Sense how music elicits an awareness of the wisdom of the body and the messages for healing it offers

  • Understand how sound healing supports the alignment of vibration and resonance for core wellness

  • Experience how mindfulness provides a tool for being able to pause and reflect for a deeper knowing

  • Listen to how poetry explores images and sounds as representations of our inner experience

  • Discover journaling as a portal from the unseen to the seen, from the felt experience to action



  • May 2-5, 2019

  • August 22-25, 2019

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