Integrative Therapies Training


EXPERIENCE the expressive arts, music, imagery, poetry, mandalas, clay sculpture, body awareness, and mindfulness meditation to deepen one’s connection with the unspoken wisdom residing inside a person’s essential self. Through these modalities a rich tapestry of images, metaphors, symbols, sensations, and archetypes can be brought into consciousness, providing new ways for seeing one’s self and one’s experience in the world.


Would you like to start integrating the expressive arts and experiential mind-body therapies into your practice? This workshop provides participants with basic knowledge and skills needed to start integrating the expressive arts and experiential mind-body therapies into their existing professional and personal practice. The skills presented in this program will offer a creative adjunct to traditional counseling approaches and include: music-evoked imagery, mindfulness meditation, mandalas, poetry, and body awareness.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn Integrative Therapy techniques for individual and group counseling, including music evoked imagery, mandalas, poetry, and body awareness

  • Experience the ways expressive arts techniques evoke symbols, metaphors, and images and how this engages a person in the change process

  • Learn basic skills of mindfulness meditation practice and how this can be integrated into the therapeutic process

  • Become aware of the various ways that sound and music can provide an unconditional presence that enhances the capacity for change

  • Learn how Integrative Therapies can enhance a client’s capacity for self-awareness and intentional action


The therapeutic use of music, guided imagery, mandalas, sculpture, poetry, journaling, movement, and mindfulness meditation will be of benefit in your work with children, adolescents and adults presenting with anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, grief, transitions, health challenges and relationship issues. Join colleagues who are interested in meeting monthly to incorporate these methods in your practice. Bring the expressive arts and mind-body therapies into your practice! 

This is the most fun I’ve had getting CEU’s!
— Carrie S., Clinical Psychologist
I was so glad I could use these tools right away with my groups.
— Mindy C., Addictions Counselor